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The Morris Reloading Room is for members interested in making their own ammunition. The room is fully equipped to allow members to take fired cases through every step to make them back into live rounds.

In the room are stations and equipment for: tumbling; lubing and resizing; trimming, chamfering and deburring case necks; priming; power weighing; and bullet seating.

Our presses are by RCBS and Lee, and are mounted to purpose-built sturdy reloading benches. The main stations are physically separated on different benches to eliminate vibration.


The club's .308" Win seating die is a Redding Competition Bullet Seating Die, allowing seating depths to be precisely adjusted within one thousandth of an inch by simply using your finger and thumb. Like all good quality dies, the seater contacts the ogive, allowing precise control of your bullet jump.

The room is also equipped with a Hornady (Stoney Point) bullet comparator, allowing precision measurements to be taken of your rifle's maximum seating depth, your fired cases, your bullets and your loaded rounds. Combined with our precision RCBS Chargemaster digital weighing scale, the Morris Reloading Room is a complete facility for all your precision reloading needs.

The association will shortly be publishing, in the Morris Reloading Room, safe pressure-tested loads and lists of approved components and dimensions. This means novice LMRA reloaders can build ammunition with confidence. In addition, we run regular courses aimed at introducing beginners to reloading and refreshing experienced reloaders' knowledge alike.

In .308" Win the LMRA loads will specify the 155gr Sierra 2155 and 2156 bullets. Our .308" Win 2155 load will closely copy the performance of the NRA-issue GGG competition ammunition, offering the perfect starting point for your reloading adventures. We will also publish certified loads for .303" and for .223"/5.56mm, to cater for civilian service rifle shooters.

Choice of equipment

Our priming station features both an RCBS bench-mounted priming tool and a Lee hand priming tool, offering a choice of seating methods depending on your personal preference. The priming tools can be changed over from large rifle primers to small rifle. 

For weighing powder, members have the choice of using the RCBS Chargemaster or the RCBS beam scale. In addition, we also have an RCBS powder thrower. A number of loading trays are kept in the room as well.

All dies are also easily interchangeable, using the Hornady Lock-n-Load die bushing system, allowing members to quickly drop their own dies into our presses for the extra-customised touch. Spare bushings are available for purchase from the association.

The association's standard .308" Win dies are Redding small base collet dies, enabling resizing of the case neck without using an expander ball and ensuring sized cases will fit in a wide range of rifles.

Using the room

Full LMRA members may use the room at any time that the clubhouse is open, provided they have attended a recognised reloading course or have demonstrated their competence. Associate members may use the room subject to the same conditions, a £5 per session charge, and only when a full member is present. The room can be booked in advance or you can turn up on the day, subject to availability.

The LMRA does not accept any responsibility for the ammunition made in this facility. Users of the Morris Reloading room are responsible for their own safety and the safety of those around them during their use of the room and when transporting, storing or using ammunition they have made.

LMRA members and associate members are insured through the association to make ammunition for personal use only. Ammunition made in the Morris Reloading Room is not to be sold on or supplied to other people.

If you have any questions about reloading at the LMRA, please contact the Reloading Committee.



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